Dr. Fauci Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine One Day After a Bunch of Congressional Covid-Deniers

Dr. Fauci Gets the Covid-19 Vaccine One Day After a Bunch of Congressional Covid-Deniers
Image:Patrick Semansky (Getty Images)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who has spent the better part of a year begging Americans to please wear a mask and stay inside their homes, has gotten vaccinated against covid-19, nearly 24 hours after several of the politicians who passed that time dog-whistling to their voter bases that it was their Constitutional right to spray cough coronavirus into Hobby Lobby employees’ faces.

While many of those same Hobby Lobby Typhoid Marys debate whether or not they even want to be inoculated against a virus that has killed 319,000 Americans to date—possibly because they saw a Facebook post claiming the vaccine was actually a microchip that will turn children communist—Fauci seemed to hope getting vaccinated in front of cameras would help quell some of those fears:

“This, what we’re seeing now, is the culmination of years of research which have led to a phenomenon which is truly unprecedented — and that is to go from the realization that we’re dealing with a new pathogen, a virus that was described in January of this year, to less than one year later to have vaccines that are going into the arms of so many people, including myself. And so I consider it an honor to be part of this process,” Facui said as he got the old mRNA stick and poke.

I, for one, think it’s sweet that Facui still believes in American people believing in reason. Perhaps if we all believe and wish together real hard Santa will soon stuff all of our immune systems with miracles. [CBS]

  • California, a state that is 39 percent Latinx, has gotten its first Latino United States Senator. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Here’s Mitch McConnell promising to do his fucking job like it’s some sort of favor. [Politico]
  • Here’s the House Republicans just plotting a coup out in the open like that is a normal thing that happens. [Politico]
  • And finally, here is the heartwarming tale of how the nation’s Ebeneezer Scrooges came together to ask American citizens to feed their families with a fast-food drumstick, in lieu of a Christmas goose, while holiday bonuses go to the owner of the fast-food chain. Really, my blood feels as if it has caught fire. That’s the same as a warmed heart, right? [New York Times]
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