Drew Barrymore Comes to Terms With Her Shortcomings

Drew Barrymore Comes to Terms With Her Shortcomings

Because of its sugar-high energy, kitschy vibes, and host’s prediction for making funny noises with her mouth, I’ve been thinking for a while now that The Drew Barrymore Show reminds me of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. Well, Drew has kicked it up a notch by introducing a (presumably recurring) feature called Word of the Week. Her inaugural W.O.W. was “intrepid.” Now, you all know what to do whenever anybody says the word of the week, right? You can scream real loud, or just wait for Drew to do it (she will soon enough, always). Now all she needs is a talking chair and a queer pterodactyl sidekick and she’s set.

This week was Craft Week on Drew, which meant a lot of bumbling that verged on coming off as a bit on Drew’s part. She got kittenishly tangled in yarn, struggled with a roll of Scotch tape, and made a plate clatter during a cooking instruction. Oh Drew! Showing a lack of shame and admirable self-awareness, she admitted that messing up is “what I do here on this show.” And just when you might have been thinking, “Can she Drew anything right?,” she experienced a personal triumph by drilling a hook to a board. I love watching her grow. Here’s a montage of crafting mishaps and victories:

And here’s a spotlight on her interview technique, which this week included wondering aloud why the holes in birdhouses are so small and, in a rather Leta Powell Drake-like turn, pointing out that Milo Ventimiglia’s mouth is crooked like hers.

There are some clips above from her crafting session with Amy Sedaris (they made disgusting looking bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed), but I implore you to watch the full segment, which made me cackle throughout:

Finally, in a very bizarre opener to the week, Drew attempted to comment on the election, which was called over the preceding weekend, while remaining nonpartisan and allowing a safe space for her viewers on the right, who are hurting right now that their lying racist-in-chief has been booted from his post by democracy. Drew tends to become extremely Cher Horowitz-esque when she does earnest, and this had me seeing yellow plaid:

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