DVF Dresses "American Legends" — Whatever That Means


DVF’s show was inspired by “American Legends,” and was described as “… muses and artists … travelers and settlers … always pushing the boundaries with strength and panache.” This, apparently, was a vague enough umbrella to encompass 80’s glam, spiffy sportswear, and that other American legend, classic DVF wraps and prints.

The evening glitz could not have been glitzier. Just check out this “Lady in Red” special!

Speaking of the 80s — a sweetheart neckline!

What these gaucho chapeaux had to do with the theme, we could not say.

The sportswear was sharp, pretty and classic — like most of her clothes, you could imagine DVF herself striding around in them, being glamorous.

The color-blocks added a mod flair at times.

The bold, resort-ish prints — not to mention the wraps — were vintage DVF.

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