DWTS To Change Voting System In Wake Of Bristol Win


After Tuesday night’s result-show upset, followed by the news that the Tea Party is exploiting a glitch in ABC.com’s email voting, the show is reportedly “restructuring to give the judges’ votes more weight.”

According to a “solid source,” people behind-the-scenes at Tuesday’s show “went crazy.” Despite maintaining composure on screen, Brandy and her partner Maks were “livid” backstage. The fact that Bristol remained in the competition and is headed to the finals—over the much more skilled dancer Brandy—stunned producers. “This is going to lead to a reworking of the entire voting system,” said the source.

It’s unclear for now how that will happen, as producers recognize that part of the show’s success relies on the public knowing that they can have an impact. The source adds, “We don’t want to lose that because that could have a detrimental effect on ratings, but this is getting nuts.”

‘Dancing’ toward reform [Chicago Sun-Times]

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