Elle: Rihanna's Waist Gets Whittled Via Photoshop


Rihanna looks spectacular on the July cover of Elle magazine. But is her waist really the same width as her head?

Even though her body is twisted away from the camera, the proportions are just… off. Exaggerated shoulders can make a waistline look slimmer, but it just seems like, on the right side of the image, her body has been streamlined from breast to hip.

Just for comparison, here’s Rihanna’s actual, unretouched — and amazingly gorgeous — figure:

Her waist is narrow, and defined, but nowhere near the wasp-like thorax on the Elle cover.

Just seems like they scooped out some flesh over there on the right. The arm looks odd, and the lines of the body and the arm are completely parallel, in a way that appears digitally altered.

In this still from a behind-the-scenes video at Elle.com, you can see what her waist and arm looked like before retouching:

Oh well, at least she looks fierce in these other images from the mag:

Rihanna: Elle’s July Cover Girl [Elle.com]
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