Ellen Page Looked Awesome At Inception Red Carpet (Other People Look Fine Too)


Inception is a sci-fi thriller about a mind thief, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard and Ellen Page. The UK film premiere, at the Odeon Leicester Square, was a sci-fi thriller about checked suits and wild florals. Also starring them.

I have mixed feelings about the whole Ralph Lauren Home/Laura Ashley cabbage roses florals trend, as modeled by Peaches Geldof. On the one hand, I had some very similar shams as a child. On the other – well, see the first hand.

There is one particularly odd line in the Vogue profile of Marion Cotillard: “You can practically see her antennae, and she seems to operate in remarkably clean, open sympathy with her tribe.” I had no idea what that meant when I first read it, and I still don’t, but antennae aside, she’s looking superbe.

Don’t you love how happy Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley are to be here? It’s true, polka dots really are magical!

Aw, don’t be bashful, Pixie Lott! You’re only wearing a nightgown with weirdly-well-matched biker accessories! Happens to us all the time during fire alarms!

Cillian Murphy is a man who can wear a suit.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, meanwhile, joins the international search for the underground craps game! Psst: try the sewer!

It’s not a competition, but Ellen Page wins anyway. That’s how good she is.

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