Ellen Pompeo Points Out That Cops Keep Bringing Machine Guns To Black Lives Matter Protests

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Ellen Pompeo Points Out That Cops Keep Bringing Machine Guns To Black Lives Matter Protests

After attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles earlier this week, Ellen Pompeo went on Instagram (you know, that horrible site where celebrities won’t stop sharing their opinions?) to talk about the law enforcement presence she witnessed while at the march.

“I’ve been to other protests,” she said. “I’ve never seen police with machine guns. I’ve never seen the National Guard with machine guns. We’re at a march for black lives, and we’re here to talk about the fact that they matter. And there’s machine guns—big ones—and aggression.”

Really????????????? Aggression? From police officers? Towards black people? You don’t say!!

And yet, Pompeo apparently continued on to say:

“So, I’m just wondering why that is: Why at the Women’s March there’s no machine guns. Why at Pride marches there’s no machine guns. But the Black Lives Matter march, machine guns everywhere. I don’t know. You tell me.”

….. Ellen, I really hope that’s a rhetorical question because the answer is extremely obvious. “I don’t know. You tell me.” is really not convincing me you get what’s going on here. And you have black children, so it’s very important to me that you get it.

(Side note, it is simply inaccurate to say that there hasn’t historically been a significant police presence at Pride marches (and also erases the black lgbtq+ community’s specific experience with police violence). Ever heard of the riots at Stonewall?) [E!]

In what has to be the least surprising news of the week, another former costar of Lea Michele has come forward to talk about the awful treatment she received at the hands of the actress. Elizabeth Aldrich, who was Michele’s understudy in a Broadway production of Ragtime when they were children, tweeted about her experience when the two worked together.

Not to make the same joke everyone’s made but….. was she even acting at all as Rachel Berry?

In a follow-up tweet, Aldrich added:

I was only 10, but even my friends who worked with her on S.A. felt intimidated coming forward. Actors are often silenced but I’m glad her abuse has been brought to light and hope that she takes a real hard look at herself and ameliorates her ways.

At this point, it’s very clear that Michele’s awful behavior has been an open secret in the industry for decades, and yet it hasn’t been checked until this point—perhaps because so many of the targets of her cruel comments have been women of color who don’t have the same privilege in the industry as Michele herself. I won’t even pretend that’s a coincidence. [Us!]

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