Elton John & David Furnish Welcome A Baby Boy

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  • Sir Elton John and David Furnish — seen here at Elton’s 40th birthday party in 1987 — are now parents! A child born unto them of wigs and glitter!

Their brand new son is named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John and was born on December 25 in California via a surrogate. In a joint statement, the Rocket Man (née Reginald Kenneth Dwight) and his partner say: “We are overwhelmed with happiness and joy at this very special moment. Zachary is healthy and doing really well, and we are very proud and happy parents.” Congrats! [Us Magazine]

  • “He shall be Levon.” [CNN]
  • Lindsay Lohan will be getting out of Betty Ford in a week, but she has a plan to stay sober. She’ll have a sober coach, and she’s pre-scheduled several months of AA meetings. It would be cool if LL could get some work lined up, and I mean that sincerely. [TMZ]
  • Behold: A supposedly scandalous photograph of Miley Cyrus. [The Sun]
  • The man who owns the bong touched by the young lips of Miley Cyrus is not selling said smoking implement. Who would even ask if the thing is for sale? Why, TMZ, of course! [TMZ]
  • John Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston wants Danny Zuko to come out of the closet. Allegedly! According to the National Enquirer, a source says: “Having another child was their way of holding their marriage together after the tragic death of their son Jett. But now these revelations from Carrie [Fisher, who told a reporter Travolta was gay] have brought back Kelly’s worst fears, so she’s begging John to tell her once and for all whether he’s gay or not. John has always worried that coming out would affect his image and cost him parts. Privately, he’s been telling people to believe what they want to believe.” [Showbiz Spy]
  • Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston spent Christmas Eve together. “Both Jen and Courteney are tired after a long year,” a source says. Jen and Courteney, who is separated from David Arquette, focused on making it a “special” Christmas for daughter Coco. Then Jen turned to Court and said, “So. No one told you life was gonna be this way.” [People, NYDN]
  • Lily Allen is engaged to Sam Cooper, the man she calls the love of her life. [The Sun]
  • Lily Allen‘s surprise proposal leaves her in tears of joy.” [Daily Mail]
  • Demi Lovato will tour in 2011 as scheduled. [Digital Spy]
  • Demi Lovato left rehab on Christmas to be with her family, btw. [Daily Express]
  • This is just what a teenager recovering from personal issues needs: “Demi Lovato Spotted In The Wild!” [E!]
  • “After everything that Demi Lovato has been through, we would never consider distributing a sex tape with her. In fact, we would purchase it and either give it back to her or destroy it.” — Steve Hirsch, of porn company Vivid Entertainment. [TMZ]
  • It seems Kelsey Grammer can marry his new ladyfriend just as soon as he gives Camille Grammer $50 million in the divorce. [TMZ]
  • A judge has issued an order banning Teen Mom‘s Amber Portwood from contacting her daughter. [Radar Online]
  • Accoring to this report, Amber Portwood‘s defense for getting violent with ex-fiancé Gary Shirley is that MTV paid her an extra $1,000 to “get physical” with Gary during filming because they “wanted more drama.” Totally believable, not that it makes it right. [National Enquirer]
  • Miranda Kerr will be giving birth to a gorgeous delicate elfin spawn of Legolas any day now. Get ready! [Page Six]
  • LeAnn Rimes‘s engagement ring is huge, as you can see in these totally candid and not at all posed pictures. [Pop Sugar]
  • Alicia Keys has a new track called “Speechless”… Didn’t Gaga already do that? [Just Jared]
  • Remember that video of Alf spitting the N-word? Steve Lamar — associate producer on Alf for three years — says: “You’re talking about 20 years ago when the world was not so ridiculously PC. Anyone that’s offended needs to lighten up already.” Wow, you mean it was okay to say the N-word 20 years ago? Fascinating. [TMZ]
  • Trick Daddy has tax troubles. [Contact Music]
  • OMFG who would rob The Game? [MTV]
  • If you are squeamish or eating breakfast do not look at Hulk Hogan‘s back. [The Life Files]
  • “I kind of woke up one morning and was like, ‘Oh I see what’s happening, I get everything.’ I woke up and was like, ‘I get it, I’m a product.'” — Sad Panda Taylor Momsen is sad. [Contact Music]
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