Eminem's New Video Mocks Women, Lesbians, Bret Michaels, Himself

Eminem’s been away, and clearly his time off was spent watching reality TV, visiting blogs and reading tabloids. His new video, “We Made You,” opens with the rapper dressed as Bret Michaels from Rock Of Love.

But his next target? Jessica Simpson, played by a woman with more weight on her than the singer has.

In case you miss it, there’s attention paid to her “fat.” Also, she is eating a burger whenever possible.

Reference is made to Amy Winehouse, but we’ll get to her later.

A Kim Kardashian look-alike also plays a part in this video, intimidating mere mortals with her otherworldly ass.

Next we see Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson doppelgangers. The lyrics: “Lindsay, please come back to seein’ men: Samantha’s a two, you’re practically a ten.” The way “seein’ men” is rapped, it sounds like “semen.”

Then Eminem, dressed as Spock, puts a sleeper hold on “Uhura.”

Right after Em mentions Ellen and Portia, (he says, “Sorry, Portia, what’s Ellen DeGeneres have that I don’t, are you telling me tenderness?”) we see Sarah Palin, showing bra.

The Asian playing Inuit and the polar bear seem cribbed from SNL.

But Eminem doesn’t just make fun of women, or reality stars. He makes fun of himself. Here he is as Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, which is not only a tip of the hat to critics who say he is nothing without his producer but Em’s own way of toying with the notion that he’s the “idiot savant” who only knows one thing —how to rap — and not how to behave in public or be politically correct.

But it’s about 3:13 miuntes in, when Eminem — as Spock — visits “Planet Womyn” — that will probably get people all riled up. This barren wasteland of butch dyke sterotypes finds Em fighting “Sam” Ronson while “Lindsay” looks on…

… From a cage. Homophobia alert.

Still, after dressing like Elvis and making out with “Amy Winehouse,” it’s intersting that Em is seen doing this:

Sticking the body of Kim Kardashian in a wood chipper [shades of ‘Hustler’? Or ‘Fargo’? -Ed.] , and watching cash come out. Because honestly, as the chorus of this song goes, “We’re the ones who made you.” It’s easy to make fun of these women but to also see that they are targets, and in most cases, the more we talk about them, the more money they generate. Celebrity is a business that eats people alive, and there’s an entire layer of this video which acknowledges this fact.

And “Sarah Palin” pulling off “Bret’s” bandanna to find him bald is just hilarious, and something we have all speculated about.

While Eminem’s video might be sexist and homophobic and also a little bit funny, at least he doesn’t let himself off the hook: He’s in the electric chair, getting fried.

By turning the attacks on himself, the video feels more like a zany free-for-all and a nihilistic look at one man’s lost place in society than a straight-up attack on women and gays. It’s not especially shocking; especially considering the kind of lyrics and videos hip-hop is known for. But judge for yourself:

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Eminem — We Made You [This Is 50]

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