Emoji Lingerie and Snow Angels at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Yesterday, the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show took place at the Lexington Ave. armory in New York City. As usual, it was a fun/feather-filled event with several themes, including but not limited to: birds, sexy occupations, the season of winter, Taylor Swift, and emojis. There was a $10 million bra. Its theme was “are you serious.”

Let’s have a look:

Here we have some pretty standard Coachella angels.

Elemental angels?

Some more ugly feathers.

A punk rock angel that also kind of resembles a turkey AND a French courtier angel.

Here we have Karlie Kloss wearing some butterfly wings.

Some water nymph-looking ethereal stuff.

Everyone at the show was really into their capes.

WE GET IT, you have a cape.

This is the part of the show in which they reveal the results of the focus group they had with a bunch of British children from the 1940s. They asked them what they’d like to be when they grow up, clearly: A professional in a bowler hat! A circus ringmaster! A racecar driver!

For this one they focus-grouped modern-day British children: a rock musician! A “footballer”!

“I want to be Taylor Swift draped in the British flag!” chirped on child. Other options: old-timey policewoman; someone in a raincoat.

Does the Eiffel tower double as a prop for sexual games? Discuss.

Music notes, sure, why not.

Demonic wings.

More capes! I’m worried about Taylor Swift back there.

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret is an ardent supporter of capes?

Snow angels.

And again.

Here’s a Taylor Swift interlude because I care.

“Hey, what sorts of things are teens into these days?” “You mean other than teeny tiny Eiffel Towers that they can wear atop their heads? Uh, I don’t know… Texting?” “Okay, we’ll go with that.”


Take a moment to notice how this model is wearing the “O” of “OMG” around her neck.

And here’s Candice Swanepole in the $10 million “Fantasy Bra.”

Images via Getty.

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