Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez Reluctantly Team Up in Getaway


It’s about time we had a cross-generational ticking-clock action movie, and, thanks to Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, we’ll soon get one. Getaway comes out later this summer, and features the best Generation X and Generation Y have to offer: Hawke and Gomez, Gomez and Hawke — Gawke, Homez.

Ethan Hawke plays a badass racer guy named Brent Magna (obviously) whose wife gets kidnapped by a mysterious villain who then explains to Hawke that he has to use his driving skills to somehow save his wife. This villain will be watching Magna via Google Maps, so Magna has to do exactly what the villain says or else Wife gets it. But wait! Selena Gomez tries to carjack (!!) Ethan Hawke and gets taken along for the action-packed ride. You can go see Getaway when it comes out, or you can re-watch that copy of Speed you have on VHS. Choose your choices

via NYDN

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