Even First Graders Are Divided On Adele's 'Hello'


YouTube dudes the Fine Brothers apparently have a lot of friends with kids in the six-to-tween age range—their Kids React! series is a frequent and enjoyable series—and recently they solicited said kids’ opinions on Adele, platinum smasher and, for some, deal-breaker. As you can see, these children candidly posed some of the most salient questions of our time, such as: Is that fur coat, in fact, a Chewbacca costume?

“Hello” results in some fairly extreme reactions, including a seven-year-old named Lucas who is clearly obsessed with Adele, and an eight-year-old named Gabe who is already rebelling against the musical proclivities of both his mother and The MAN. (“I hear it on the radio every day,” he laughs, as visions of his future as a raging punk drummer flash before his mom’s eyes.)

“Rolling in the Deep” gets a better reaction across the board for obvious reasons—mood, tempo—and results in the most accurate critical description of Adele I have ever heard, by 10-year-old Anita: “This lady is so dramatic… and yet such a good singer.” Watch on to enjoy the assessments of the future music critics of America, who also accurately think that people who care about Adele’s figure are dumbasses.

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