Even Republicans Think Dick Cheney Should STFU

  • Republicans wish Dick Cheney would stop saying that Barack Obama will cause a terrorist attack, too, because he’s making them all look like racist fear-mongers. Oh, wait. [The Hill]
  • Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is encouraging her constituents to arm themselves against the government and consider revolution over Obama’s cap-and-trade plan on carbon dioxide emissions. Dick Cheney thanks her. [Huffington Post]
  • New York State Attorney General Andrew “Shucking And Jiving Is Not A Racist Term” Cuomo says that he has personally persuaded 9 or the top 10 AIG bonus recipients to give back their bonuses. It totes has nothing to do with the armed mobs. Also, he’ll be running in the primary against incumbent governor David Paterson next year. [NY Times]
  • Because some of the AIG guys are giving back their bonuses — except the guys in London, who are telling Andy to go fuck himself gently with a chainsaw — the Senate is delaying action on the bill that would tax the hell out of those bonuses. Well, that and because they don’t have the votes and Obama might not sign it. [Washington Post]
  • Goldman Sachs will probably pay its TARP loan back early because they’re sick of dealing with government restrictions and never needed the money in the first place, but Henry Paulson made them take it. Oh, great. [NY Times]
  • The Senate just voted to increase the ranks of community organizers for Sarah Palin to insult at the 2012 Republican National Convention. [NY Times]
  • Some Senators are introducing a campaign finance reform bill that is never going anywhere because it would prohibit lobbyists from ever donating to candidates and publicly finance all House and Senate Candidates (about 800-850 in an average election year, since many Congress members don’t face challengers) to the tune of an average of $1 million apiece as long as they can get 1,500 people in their own states to donate money. In other words, your tax dollars will be paying for those ubiquitous campaign ads if it does pass. [Washington Post]
  • Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz revealed that she’s had breast cancer for more than a year, and is introducing a bill to get people more educated about breast cancer. [ABC News]
  • China and Russia want the International Monetary Fund to create a world currency so that America will lose influence in the world financial market, and Ron Paul’s head just exploded. [Wall Street Journal]
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