Everyone's a Critic: Dogs Finally Get Their Own Version of Yelp


Twitter for terriers. Facebook for Frenchies. Grindr for greyhounds. All great ideas, but the truth is that there just aren’t enough social networking sites/apps for dogs — until now that is. Internet, meet Where My Dogs At. Where My Dogs At, meet the internet. Now sniff each others butts and go play rough with one another.

Where My Dogs At is a new social networking app that allows dog owners to connect with one another and share things like dog friendly spots and photos of their four-legged friends. Developed by Jonathan Kolker and Gareth Wilson, a couple of dudes out of USC, the app asks users to “Mark their territory” at locations (restaurants, parks, businesses, etc.) and give their “paw of approval” to the places that were most accommodating to their pets. Soon, the app will include information on dog friendly hotels and upcoming dog-related events.

From the LA Times:

Where My Dogs At tries to “socialize dogs with its social components,” Kolker said. Owners can create a Facebook-inspired profile for themselves through the “dog people” feature. Users’ beloved canines also have “dog profiles” through which other furry friends can be found.
Like Facebook, the app also enables users to share pictures and post real-time status updates on its news feed.

Businesses that want to advertise as pet friendly will also be able to create profiles and the app recently released international data so that users can find good, dog friendly spots while abroad.

Question: Is it weird to have download the app if you don’t have a dog? Like, say you’re someone who may or may not write for Jezebel and whose initials may or may not be M.D. and maybe you go to dog runs alone a lot just to watch dogs play. Would downloading the app be strange or just another action in your natural and normal progression towards becoming QUEEN of the dogs? Asking for a friend.

Where My Dogs At: A Social Network for Man and Man’s Best Friend [LA Times]

Image via arturasker/Shutterstock.

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