Excuse Me, Neil Young and Daryl Hannah Are Married?!

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Here is some news that is surprising to me and also to you? Neil Young and Daryl Hannah got married! That’s nice!

Having not thought about Daryl Hannah in years and really only thinking about Mr. Young every time “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” gets stuck in my head, I am pleasantly surprised to discover that they have been dating (what!) since 2014 and now are quietly married. Young’s guitarist Mark Miller posted a congratulatory message on Facebook, which was somehow picked up by the Mirror, which reports that the couple had a wedding in Atascadero, California—but they also got married on Young’s yacht somewhere near the San Juan Islands.

The Facebook post, combined with this mysterious but somehow completely on-brand Instagram from Hannah, confirms the joyous news. Neil Young and Daryl Hannah are married! I’m happy for them! Congratulations! Here’s a song that Neil Young probably doesn’t think about much very often, but I certainly do.

[Daily Mail]

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are still somehow going through with this marriage thing, though I am having a hard time believing or thinking that they will actually make it to the altar because their relationship seemingly came out of nowhere and their engagement was quite hasty. However, here’s a cute video of their moms.


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