Experts Agree It May Be Time For Women, Gays To Get The Hell Out Of Indiana


Speaking broadly, the population of the state of Indiana is made up of two types of people: people who are straight and people who are not straight. Right now both of them are being threatened by Indiana’s state legislative body.

As we mentioned earlier this week, there is a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage being backed by people elected to public office in Indiana despite the fact that gay marriage is already illegal in Indiana. The legislation has already passed both legislative houses, and is now waiting to be passed by a subsequent legislature and also approved by a popular vote. As you may recall, gay marriage has never once been passed by a popular vote.

Speaking of things that both houses of legislature in Indiana: a new bill that requires women to “be told that human life begins at conception” and also restrict access to abortion after 20 weeks. They must also be told in writing that if they get an abortion, they will face a greater risk of infertility and breast cancer. Senator Eric Turner, who says it is the “the responsibility of lawmakers to protect the unborn,” also has feelings on rape! Good news! Says Turner,

I just want you to think about this, in my view, giant loophole that could be created where someone who could — now i want to be careful, I don’t want to disparage in any way someone who has gone through the experience of a rape or incest — but someone who is desirous of an abortion could simply say that they’ve been raped or there’s incest.

So really, we’re not just talking about a legislature that isn’t just interested in protecting the unborn – but also in protecting an imaginary institution of heterosexual marriage, and also the medical community and the voting public from duplicitous women who want to lie about being raped and/or sexually assaulted. People the Indiana legislature is NOT INTERESTED IN PROTECTING: women who are pregnant, women who want to terminate pregnancies, women who have been raped, women who have been survivors of incest or otherwise abused, women who are at risk in their pregnancy, gay people, gay people who want to be married, gay women, ALL WOMEN FOREVER IN GENERAL.

In short, if you are a gay person or woman or gay woman or human being, you may want to consider leaving. You know, like all the Democrats did.

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