Facebook Bans 40-Year-Old's Tasteful Boudoir Photos


Facebook has some really interesting rules regarding obscenity. On one hand, a distant relative recently posted a still from Two Girls One Cup to spice up a monday without repercussions. On the other, a 40-year-old woman had her glamour shot taken down because, according to Facebook, it violated community rules.

Philadelphia actress Amanda Schoonover, who has just turned 40, teamed up with a photographer to take 40 sexy shots and release them once per day on Facebook to celebrate herself and promote what a positive image of 40 looks like.

Schoonover told Philadelphia Magazine:

“I wanted to do something that promoted a positive image of what 40 looks like,” says Schoonover, a South Philadelphia resident. “Some people say, ‘Well, don’t worry. You don’t look 40!’ I find this rather insulting. What do people think 40 looks like? This is what it looks like, and I am very proud of it. I am hoping the pictures inspire others to love themselves at any age.”

That sounds great! Why not? Have you seen what people are posting on Facebook these days? This sounds like it would be a refreshing addition to selfies and photos of pets doing cute things. Facebook, however, didn’t agree. After someone reported one of the photos — I have always wondered about this: Why not just defriend if you don’t like something? Why mess with someone’s account — Facebook took one of the photos down and Schoonover started taking others down herself, afraid that she might get int trouble. “I was afraid that they were going to flag them,” she says. “You know, side boob could be offensive.”

Really, Facebook? Isn’t there anything else you’d rather be doing with your time, such as getting my mom to stop posting mean status updates about my dad’s new girlfriend or the fact that your network is being used to spread sexism and violence?

Image via Facebook

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