Fans React to Billie Eilish and Her Boyfriend’s Couples Costume: ‘It’s Giving Pedophilia’

They dressed up as a baby (in a diaper) and an elderly man, mocking criticism of their 11-year age difference.

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Fans React to Billie Eilish and Her Boyfriend’s Couples Costume: ‘It’s Giving Pedophilia’
Photo:Billie Eilish Instagram

This Halloween, our favorite elites and nepotism babies went to great pains to give us some pretty respectable spooks. Lori Harvey’s recreation of a handful of Beyoncé’s most memorable music videos? That kind of attention to detail requires not just a bloated budget, but a commitment to the bit. Speaking of the latter, Billie Eilish, 20, and new boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford, 31, took the holiday as an opportunity to double-down on their…controversial relationship.

Just a little over a week after the new pair went public, eliciting outcries from fans concerned about their 11-year age difference, Eilish and Rutherford dressed as a baby—complete with a diaper—and a geriatric man, made accurate by suspenders and fake (?) wrinkles. Interesting choice for a couples costume, no? At best, the local Spirit Halloween was sold out of Barbie and Ken; at worst, these two are leaning all the way into the criticism and having a bit of fun, much to her fans’ chagrin.

Photos of Eilish and Rutherford in costume were first posted by Pop Crave and, naturally, evoked the same reactions as their dinner-date debut. “this isn’t really the pop we r craving,” one person responded. “Its giving pedophilia umm….” tweeted another.

Eilish, however, doesn’t seem all that bothered by the backlash, considering she just posted photos of her own from All Hallows Eve. Via Instagram, she recounted the events of the holiday weekend—including Rutherford in a clown costume—with the last slide featuring her frilly bib and bonnet costume, accompanied by her faux-elderly boyfriend. The caption? “life is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy happy halloween ”

Yes, life, is crazy. One minute you’re 15, hanging with your big brother’s friend. The next, you’re applying his bald cap whilst wearing a silk diaper.

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