Fashion Week Roundup


Why This Fashion Week Was Actually Great

New York Fashion Week ended last night. It just roared by in eight days and nights of Kanye West not taking questions, money from the air, Twitter indiscretions, personal indiscretions, pieces filed, mis-spellings, spilled drinks, long walks on the West Side Highway, to the West Side Highway, and back from the West Side Highway, persistent status anxiety, MTA service interruptions (How Does This Affect My Trip? In a most annoying way) and dry shampoo. Read More »

The Best Of Backstage

Before London fashion week overtakes us, here’s a look at some of our favorite shots from behind the scenes. These are just some of the false nails used at the Blonds show. Note the googly eyes.

Marc Jacobs, For The 50s Kitsch-Lover In You

Marc Jacobs showed a neat little collection of neat little 1950s-inspired dresses and coats for his fall collection. Injecting a little levity in the proceedings were touches like fake fur and polka dots. As well as these jaunty, shiny hats the models wore. Read more »

DVF Dresses “American Legends” — Whatever That Means

The collection was described as “… muses and artists … travelers and settlers … always pushing the boundaries with strength and panache.” This, apparently, was a vague enough umbrella to encompass 80’s glam, spiffy sportswear, and those other American legends, classic DVF wraps and prints. Read more »

Back To The Future With Calvin Klein

Francisco Costa brought us the minimalism we expect from Calvin Klein – and then some. Shapes were sleek and modern with sportswear accents and interesting fabric choices. Think a very chic Judy Jetson dressed for a New York November, and you’ll be on the right track. Read more »

Hervé Leger Intends To Shrink-Wrap You, Per Usual

We were not invited to any Max Azria shows. But there are other ways of getting into shows, and so it was that yesterday afternoon I had the privilege of observing next season’s bandage dresses from the eighth row. Read more »

Ralph Lauren’s Art Deco Adventure

The looks were like a 1930s movie: black and white and sleek all over. Read more »

Fashion Week Is Not A “Grueling” Quest For “Survival”

The other night I was out at a fashion week party, where my goal was to eat as many little rolled-up pieces of salmon on little slices of brown bread as I could without drawing attention to myself. I may have also been drinking pink champagne from a coupe. A friend of mine who works at the Paris Review happened to be there, and she asked me how many shows I planned to go to. I suppose I felt like being glib, so I shot back, “As many as I can go to, without completely losing touch with reality.” And I munched another canapé. Read More »

Betsey Johnson Breaks Hearts

Color, joie de vivre and plenty of pattern — these are Johnson’s hallmarks. But this time around, you got double for your money: a Valentine’s Day show that presented both Johnson’s “Black Tag” line and the new, affordable “Pink Patch.” They were themed, naturally, “He Loves Me” and “He Loves Me Not.” Although you could have guessed that by looking at the clothes. Read more »

Anna Sui’s Show Will Make You Smile

You know what you’re getting from Sui – grooviness, girliness, whimsy, purple – but that doesn’t mean you aren’t always glad to see it. And this show had even more oomph than usual, if that’s possible. Two words: animal hoods. Read more »

Tracy Reese’s Collection Has Been Living In An Uptown World

Tracy Reese designs clothes that are feminine, fun and — fashion word! — wearable. This collection was no exception, a combo of ladylike and boho whose palette, according to the designer’s statement, was made up of “a shot of metallic, antique copper and silver, or a vibrant pop of raspberry, aqua or amber…breathing new life into muted neutral tones of toffee, black, brown and gray.” Oh, and the models walked to Kanye West. Read more »

Michael Kors, For The Cashmere-Loving Upper East Side Doyenne

Michael Kors has been in business for 30 years, and he celebrated that history in his big anniversary show this morning at Lincoln Center. There were no real surprises here – just gorgeous, extremely expensive, classic American sportswear. Read more »

Y-3 Made Us Want To Probe Yohji Yamamoto’s Mind

The fall collection of his Adidas brand, Y-3, was unveiled, and his memoir, My Dear Bomb, comes out in English shortly. Having very much enjoyed the show, and the book, I figured why not juxtapose the two? Read more »

Narciso Rodriguez Is For Art-Lovers

For any fashion-watcher getting a little sick of all the never-ending 70s vibes of the past few seasons, Narciso Rodriguez’s collection is a breath of fresh air. (If air, that is, can be clean-lined, abstract and modern. And wearing flat boots.) Read more »

Marchesa Designs For The Embittered Dickens Character In Your Attic

Marchesa’s latest line was apparently inspired by Miss Havisham. We are always down for that, but given how many of the label’s customers are bridal, isn’t that kind of a bad omen? Anyhow, it was like a celebration of tattered lace. Read more »

Vera Wang Makes Pleat, Pleat Music

Vera Wang’s show was – well, let’s just use the word subdued. If you’re looking for fireworks, go elsewhere. But if you’re in the mood for gorgeous workmanship, subtle beauty and lots and lots and lots of pleats, you’ve come to the right place.

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