Find Three Hot Friends and Buy the Golden Girls House

Find Three Hot Friends and Buy the Golden Girls House

If you, like me, are a freshly divorced school teacher with a penchant for thigh-length vests looking for a house to live in with your dumb friend, your slutty friend, and your much-cooler, albeit very compact Italian mother, look no further than sunny, palm tree-dotted Brentwood, California, home to the actual Golden Girls house.

For the low, low price of $3 million, you can live in the house used in the opening credits to the original Sex and the City. The answer to millennials’ wildest midcentury-modern-but-with-an-open-floorplan dreams, the house, built in 1955, doesn’t even have doors. Instead, rooms are divided by sliding screens. And while only the exterior of the house was actually used in the Golden Girls, the interior layout is comfortingly familiar, especially if one added, say, some rattan and pastels. It even has a lanai, where one might sit with one’s presumed dead husband, were he to show up unexpectedly, or where, perhaps, one might give Sonny Bono permission to continue his courtship.

I sadly cannot afford this home, even if two friends and my mother were to chip in. But if you are a multi-millionaire freshly divorced school teacher who already has enough vests, I’m also plenty dumb and slutty should you need to fill a roommate role.

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