First Ladies: They Recycle Outfits, Just Like Us!


“For the first time in my life, I’m proud of this First Lady,” snarks a Politico commenter. Why? Michelle Obama has reworn her much-scrutinized outfits. Sometimes as many as four times!

That’s what Politico reports today in a piece that’s easy to mock but also points to how profoundly politicized Michelle Obama’s every move is. Just listen to the commentators muse about her clothing’s link to the economy:

“I think the fact that [the first lady] re-wears pieces from her wardrobe shows deference to the economy … but more so, it’s normal,” said Mary Tomer, author of the book “Mrs. O: The Face of Fashion Democracy” and writer of the blog “Even in the White House, it doesn’t seem practical that a dress or a pair of shoes would only be worn once.”

And Lucky editor in chief Kim France:

“One thing that people love about Michelle Obama is she is such a real life woman, practical and pragmatic,” she told POLITICO. “This day and age, it’s really tacky to think you would not repeat outfits.”

Indeed. Then again, surely previous First Ladies rewore their clothing — Rosalynn Carter even wore the same gown to her husband’s presidential inauguration as when he was inaugurated as governor. It’s just that no one gave this much of a shit at the time. That said, Hillary Clinton should probably be relieved she was a First Lady before Politico and the blogosphere existed. What she got was bad enough.

Flotus Wears It Again [Politico]

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