First Look: New Polygamy Show Sister Wives Suggests We "Rethink" Marriage


TLC — the network that brought you families with 8 kids, families with 19 kids, toddlers wearing lipstick and cakes shaped like Manolos — will soon air Sister Wives. Or as some are calling it, “the real Big Love.”

From what we can tell by the preview, Cody is a dude with awkward facial hair and three blonde wives.

One wife on Cody having sex with his other wives: “Gosh darnit, they better!”

By the way: Cody also has 13 kids.

And in an epic Hollywood twist, he’s preparing to marry again, and she is brunette! DUN DUN DUN.

The trailer for this show includes phrases like “rethink love” and “rethink marriage.” Which won’t be easy. Because most women in our society are not accepting of a man they’re committed to being with another woman. Also, it might be easier to”rethink” love if you were watching one woman surrounded by doting men! Just saying.

Because seriously? Cody is looks like he’s the only one in the marriage with a shit-eating grin.

TLC’s Polygamy Show, ‘Sister Wives’ Trailer (video) [Hollywood Reporter]

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