Florence and the Machine's 'Big God' Is a Big Mood


Sure: Florence and the Machine, “Big God” Florence Welch told the New York Times in an interview this month that her newest single, “Big God,” is about “obviously, an unfillable hole in the soul, but mainly about someone not replying to my text.” In other words, “Big God” is a big mood, and the video is no different. Standing in a dark, water-filled set reminiscent of Under the Skin, Florence and her multicolor-veiled dancers lift their arms and writhe around to this pop piano dirge, which wouldn’t be out of place on a Hozier record. It’s an unlikely lead single for her upcoming album High as Hope, but a welcomed return for Welch and her band. —Claire Shaffer

Nah: Halsey, “Strangers” feat. Lauren Jauregui – Disregarding the fact that this song uses the same ’80s synth sound that pop music is completely obsessed with right now—one that I, too, adore—the music video is pretty uninventive. Halsey and Fifth Harmony’s resident goth queen Lauren Jauregui duke it out in the visual for “Strangers,” and eventually Halsey is victorious (this is her song, after all.) In real life, Halsey would cream the former girl group vampiress, obviously, but isn’t this song about a love lost? Not, like, goin’ all “female Fight Club”? I’d rather see them team up and destroy some shithead, but what are you gonna do. Song still goes. —Maria Sherman

No, but I need to travel more: Jaden Smith, “Ghost” feat. Christian Rich – Jaden Smith is basically an ambassador for Tokyo in this video, and wherever he goes we shall follow. He dances through the streets, wears a face mask, and plays with Monopoly money surrounded by pink-haired young people. Not a good song, but good promotion for Tokyo. Smith told The Fader, “I encourage everyone to go to Japan. Specifically to Tokyo, to just have fun and adventure around. It’s the number one place I recommend in the world to go to. Please, everybody to to Tokyo and have fun there because it’s amazing.” Got it. —Clover Hope

Yes: Rae Sremmurd, “Guatemala” – Speaking of travel appreciation, Rae Sremmurd shot this gorgeous video in Guatemala, a month before the deadly eruption. The video, low-key but vibrant, shows them jubilant and grooving with the local people while promoting the beauty of the country. —CH

Begrudgingly, yes: Wet, “You’re Not Wrong” – Wet made a name for themselves singing sad, sad songs of heartbreak and gaping loss, but maybe they’re turning a new page. “You’re Not Wrong” is produced by Rostam Batmanglij, and it sounds like Tennis, another indie pop/rock band that was making music in 2013, but theirs had a decidedly sunnier disposition. It’s good; I don’t know if it’s great (or if my taste is just changing), but if it was 10 degrees warmer out, this would be the ideal being-outside music. —Frida Garza

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