Foie Gras Donuts Prompt Death Threats and Meltdowns


Your celebration of National Donut Day might have come and gone in a string of cold sweats and overeating, but Chef Ron Levi – “one of the best donut chefs around” – of Psycho Donuts in Campbell, California spent his enduring death threats over the use of foie gras, or duck liver, in a special National Donut Day donut he invented.

The sale of foie gras is illegal in California, so the donuts were given away for free and the foie gras was kept at an “undisclosed location” due to comments from potential patrons like “Why don’t I force a tube down your throat with no lubricant and see how that feels” (no question mark; just a statement of fact). A few local police officers spent Friday morning at Psycho Donuts as well, prompting at least one attempted cops-and-donuts joke.

This isn’t the first time Donut Master Ron Levi has dealt with this kind of danger over his earth-shattering cuisine. “When the shop opened four years ago, people complained its theme promoted negative stereotypes of the mentally ill,” reported KPIX, a local CBS affiliate. Luckily, Psycho Donuts managed to get through the holiday without any blood shed; after all, the hubbub was over a mere 50 donuts.

Note: This best part of this report is when news anchor Ken Bastida asks his colleague, “Kiet, donuts, violence – what is going on?” What IS going on Kiet?!

South Bay Chef Gets Death Threats Over Foie Gras Donuts [KPIX]

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