Forget Elaine: The Animated Ladies Of Yesterday Are The Real Style Inspirations


Much has been made about the recent resurgence of Elaine Benes’ signature Seinfeld style. But if you think about it, many recent style trends were already worn by the ladies of classic Saturday morning cartoons.

The Chipettes: While their male counterparts, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, were content to run around in oversized turtlenecks and baseball caps, the Chipettes stepped things up a notch, each developing their own signature styles. All three of these ladies wouldn’t be out of place in any trend watch piece today: Jeanette has her oversized specs and her oversized, slouchy tee, Eleanor is combining a preppy look with a touch of menswear and the very hot trend of socks with dress shoes, and I’m pretty sure everything Brittany is wearing can currently be purchased at American Apparel.

The Holograms: Jem was the front woman, but the Holograms were always much cooler and way more stylish. Everything they’re wearing in this pic could probably be found in one of the September issues: military cuts, leggings, bright colors, fitted jackets, dress shorts, and a nod to early 90s styles with the sharp, geometric haircuts.

Everyone tries to make jumpsuits happen, but does anyone rock them quite like Gadget Hackwrench? I think not. And face it: it’s only a matter of time before the goggles-as-accessory trend comes back around.

Sunni Gummi: Cropped hair (very hot right now), slouchy boots (ditto), and a shirt with no pants. Why isn’t she on the cover of Nylon?

Judy Funnie is totally underrated, both as a cartoon character and as a style icon. She sort of embodies early 90s fashion, which is very big right now. Berets! Turtlenecks under jumpers! Purple velvet boots! The great Laia Garcia at Geometric Sleep has even brought Judy’s look to life, should you be interested in trying it for yourself.

Judy Jetson: Want to be ahead of the trends? Just memorize this picture. Trust me, you guys. This is the future.

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