Fox News Gives Morning Hosts a 'Man Test'; Both Fail Miserably


On Tuesday morning, in a moment of almost poetic beauty, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade and special guest idiot former Senator Scott Brown teamed up to take a “man test” administered by a former Navy SEAL. Both failed.

Kilmeade sets up the failure perfectly, paraphrasing the thrust of a new book about men not being butch enough nowadays. “You really think it’s important that we’ve lost our manhood and even though we’re in the age of technology, we gotta still know the basics,” he chirped. The Navy SEAL, who has written a book on the “lost art of manhood,” agreed.

Next, Kilmeade and Brown changed the tire with the finesse and manliness of a pair of drunk babies. It ended with an apology. Looks like the War on Men starts and ends at Fox News.

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