Fox News Guest: Mandating Vaccines Could Lead To 'Forced Abortion'


Where would we be without Fox‘s incessant, nonsensical asides on the dangers of big government and abortion? On Saturday, Hedge fund founder Jonathan Hoenig appeared on Fox News to discuss mandatory vaccines and wound up, unsurprisingly, at abortion. “Think about where this could lead if government gets involved in science and medicine. You know, forced sterilizations, forced abortion, forced pills, forced treatments,” he said.

Hoenig did say that if someone has the mumps or “if someone’s contagious” then they should be quarantined by the government because “they are a risk to the public at large.” Translation: Don’t allow the government to make sure American people stay healthy but when they get sick let the big ol’ government quarantine them.

Fascinating logic.

Watch the full video over at Mediaite.

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