Friday GIF Party!


Welcome to the Friday GIF Party, a new feature we just created that may or may not become a regular thing in which we make a GIF, post the GIF, and then have a party in its honor. For today’s installment, we made a GIF based on this photo taken yesterday of Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar reenacting their Cruel Intentions kiss in front of Reese Witherspoon.

Just look at Reese’s face! It’s like she tried to hide her disapproval but then thought, “Nope! Too hard. I’m just gonna let it shine.” The photo is wonderful in its own right, but we thought it would be worthy of the GIF Party touch.

So what are you waiting for – a more complete definition of GIF Party? Well you’re not gonna get one. A GIF Party is what you make of it, so let’s get it started.

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Image via Instagram.

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