Fur Moms Against Pawdicures

Fur Moms Against Pawdicures
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I always believed that when I became a fur parent I would not be one of those obnoxious fur moms who doled out unsolicited advice to other parents because we should all be free to raise our fur children in peace. Yet here I am to do exactly that. As a fur parent, nothing gives me more pleasure than allowing my son, Chico, to luxuriate in his own good looks. Sometimes this means a spiffy new scarf, seasonal sweaters (one handmade obviously), and a trip to the doggie spa where he can be lathered and have his short hair bushed to smooth and shiny perfection. He is a good and handsome boy and I want him to feel confident when he walks down the street. However, there must be a line that we as parents must draw, and I’ve found it on TikTok.


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♬ UCKERS – Shygirl

Coco is obviously a very good girl, I mean look at her. She is a star. But these very long press-ons from Bellamour Beauty’s limited Dog Mini Nail Collection are literally too much. The nail design is fire and if Coco were a human I would support this but Coco is a tiny baby angel who needs her natural nails freed so she can scratch her ear or just tiktak across the floor so people can hear her approaching. I suppose it is Coco’s body and Coco’s choice but as a fur mom who was not asked to give input, I simply must give some kind of input.

The nail collection for pups comes in three custom designs that can be matched to human press-on nails also in Bellamour’s shop. So you can literally buy these nails if you want to torment your fur baby and yourself by attempting to apply tiny nails to your dog’s paw to stunt the social media platform of your choice. If you are so inclined to stunt in this manner, a portion of the proceeds made from the sale of the dog nails will be donated to Hope for Paws, according to Bellamour’s website. But don’t come crying to me when your bundle of joy scratches your eye out with her newly applied acrylic talons of death.

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