Get In Loser, We're Going Dancing at the Shell Station

Get In Loser, We're Going Dancing at the Shell Station

Two short months ago, historical footage of Lindsay Lohan dancing at her Lohan Beach Resort in Mykonos, Greece made its way across the nether regions of the Internet and into my cold, dead, decidedly-not-clubbing-on-the-Med heart. Perhaps you remember it, too—her robotic arms failing, her slow-motion head banging, her red locks flowing in the wind like the wildest of fires. Drunk dancing in the sunshine never looked so good. I was envious. Everyone was envious.

But have you considered… better dancing at a Shell gas station, following along with a movie car, presumably while the driver films you? Not unlike an updated version of the Drake “In My Feelings” challenge from 2018? No? Well, think again: Lohan has posted a video of her doing exactly that, with the caption, “Fillin’ the tank with my flamingo moves.” (Please note I have removed the emojis for clarity.)

Judging by her attire and the timestamp on her Instagram page, this was filmed and posted on Wednesday—the date we wear pink. I’d say in the few weeks since the Mykonos incident, Lohan has learned a few new dance moves, but maybe she hasn’t and I just enjoy the context of this video more than the other one. Like, who hasn’t danced in a gas station late at night? Stars, they’re just like us.

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