Get Out Your Tissues, the Kardashians' Christmas Eve Party Was Canceled

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Get Out Your Tissues, the Kardashians' Christmas Eve Party Was Canceled
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The Kardashian family, a group of people that truly embodies the mantra “all press is good press” has decided not to invoke the wrath of the internet by gathering together a group of their family and friends in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Or, at least not again.

On Sunday, Khloe responded to a fan on Twitter saying that the family is canceling their annual Christmas Eve party for the first time since 1978 because of the rising covid-19 cases in California. She ended her tweet by saying “Health and safety first though! Taking this pandemic seriously is a must.”

…This coming from the woman who contracted covid-19 herself, and then still went to her sister Kim’s large birthday retreat on a private island a few months later. The idea of “safety” when it comes to health practices has become relatively meaningless even to regular people during the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s truly lost any significance coming from the rich and famous, who have continued to go clubbing, take luxurious vacations, and gather with large groups of friends and family—knowing that if they happen to get sick, they will have access to a level of medical care that the rest of us could never afford.

A full nine months into the pandemic sure is a funny time for the Kardashians to choose to become responsible! Maybe it’s all the backlash from Kim’s birthday vacation… and Kendall’s birthday party… and Khloe’s tweet from just one month ago revealing that the family still planned to host their Christmas Eve gathering.

I hate to be the one to break it to you Khlo, but I am definitely making fun of you right now. [Vulture]

Taylor Swift’s most recent album, Folklore, was a surprise release in July that took a different tone than Swift’s previous work—telling stories about and from the perspective of other people instead of crafting narratives from her own life experiences. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the singer-songwriter talked about what inspired her to start writing Folklore.

“I wasn’t expecting to make an album. Early on in quarantine, I started watching lots of films. We would watch a different movie every night. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth before. One night I’d watch that, then I’d watch L.A. Confidential, then we’d watch Rear Window, then we’d watch Jane Eyre. I feel like consuming other people’s art and storytelling sort of opened this portal in my imagination and made me feel like, ‘Well, why have I never done this before? Why have I never created characters and intersecting storylines? And why haven’t I ever sort of freed myself up to do that from a narrative standpoint?’”

I mean this in the nicest way possible but…. duh? I know Taylor Swift’s songwriting tends to be autobiographical in nature, but it’s quite common for songwriters and musicians to write from perspectives other than their own, and to draw inspiration from other works of art, even those in different mediums. Folklore was new territory for Swift both sonically and lyrically, and it’s clear that drawing from history and her own imagination challenged her as an artist in new ways.

“Songwriting on this album is exactly the way that I would write if I considered nothing else other than, ‘What words do I want to write? What stories do I want to tell? What melodies do I want to sing? What production is essential to tell those stories?’”

Living through a pandemic is really different for rich people. [Entertainment Weekly]

Here’s a selfie from Megan Thee Stallion. Let her beauty wash over you.

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