Gigi Hadid Is Launching a Capsule Collection for Tommy Hilfiger


Gigi Hadid was the star model at Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2016 runway show, and it looks like her hard work paid off. Next fall, Hadid will begin a run as Hilfiger’s newest global brand ambassador, and will launch a capsule collection called Gigi by Tommy Hilfiger. Not since Kendall and Kylie’s line for PacSun have we been so excited.

And Tommy himself is goddamn thrilled. From a press release:

“I’ve known Gigi and her family for years, and it has been amazing to watch her grow into one of the world’s top models and most-followed fashion influencers,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Gigi has walked in our runway shows and now we are thrilled to continue our collaboration with her as the new face of Tommy Hilfiger womenswear and fragrance. She is truly the definition of today’s ‘Tommy Girl’ – her magnetic personality is bright and always optimistic, and her style is confident, effortless and cool.”

Who wouldn’t want to be a Tommy Girl! Gigi Hadid is the new Aaliyah! The capsule collection will launch in Fall 2016, and will include a range of womenswear and footwear, as well as watches, sunglasses, and a new fragrance. Aside from ensuring Hadid’s name will become even more household than it currently is, the “ambassadorship” is no doubt a payday boon for her; normal campaigns can garner tens of thousands of dollars if not more for famous models, and loaning your name to a line likely multiplies that.

The Times, in a spectacularly shade-filled piece, noted that Hadid is “famous for being famous” but “nevertheless well behaved enough not to be deemed offensive to the culture at large”:

She recently did a Victoria’s Secret show and just loved it. The staff “worked so hard,” she said. Everyone was “clapping” throughout. It was inspiring.
The word she uses with greatest frequency to discuss her fans (and anyone else to whom she wants to express gratitude) is “amazing.”

It’s chill because Tommy Hilfiger is fucking psyched. “She’s not anorexic,” he told the Times. “She’s a real woman.” Gigi by Tommy is hitting stores in less than a year.

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