Girl, Put Your Flute on—Sing Me Your Favorite Song!

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Girl, Put Your Flute on—Sing Me Your Favorite Song!

The renaissance of live music during the pandemic has been, frankly, mind-blowing. Just last week, I attended a Soccer Mommy concert on Club Penguin, a site I hadn’t thought about since I was in fourth grade scamming my peers at the Night Club. Incredible! Instagram Live has also been a hotbed for collaborations between bored, socially distanced artists. Some are good at handling the format, some are awkward, and some are so in-tune you wonder what divine forces might be at work just beyond the screen. SZA has that effect on people, and Lizzo’s flute is no different!

On Instagram Live last night, the two treated listeners to an Earth Day meditation session, featuring both Lizzo’s flute and SZA’s singing bowls. Yes, singing bowls! Each one of them is “toned to different chakras in your body,” like the “astral plane of your crown chakra”—according to what SZA told Rolling Stone, at least. Just look at the serenity on her face while she thrums away at her bowl—that’s that crown chakra, bitch!

I also find it hilarious that this is SZA’s Earth Day vibe: chilling with her singing bowls and crystals. It’s nice to know she’s kept herself busy during the decades since her last album. Speaking for the rest of us, I’m sure we’d gladly take Ctrl (Singing Bowl Covers) at this point!

Remember Katy Perry? She’s pregnant! The clown suit owner and former pop star first announced her first child with Orlando Bloom in song, as former pop stars tend to do. But unlike the past year in their lives, which included falling out of a boat at Google Camp and sailing around in Barry Diller’s $200 million yachts, they’re now stuck inside together. Apparently, it isn’t going well!

Us Weekly reports that Perry and Bloom are “having some ups and downs right now,” mostly because they are new parents. It tracks with a comment she made on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show about there being “a lot of friction” between her and the ex-pirate with whom she’s shacking up. Don’t worry too much, though, because they “get down to the mat and come back every time.” I hope so! [Us Weekly]

Unsurprisingly, Vicki Gunvalson’s conception of the economy extends as far as her nail technicians.

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