Glee: Fondue Is In, Santana's Secret Is Out


This week’s episode is all about rumors, which conveniently allows Schue to assign songs from the Fleetwood Mac album of the same name (plus one “u”). During her ridiculously amusing web series “Fondue For Two” (which should definitely become a real thing) Brittany accidentally announces that Santana “plays for the other team.” She explains later that she meant Santana used to be on Cheerios, and now she’s only in glee club, but Lord Tubbington is out of the bag.

This prompts Artie to confront Brittany about her relationship with Santana. She explains she can’t cheat with Santana because she’s a girl, and “Fooling around with her isn’t cheating, it’s just friends talking with their tongues super close” … or so Santana says. Artie says she’s stupid for believing Santana, and Brittany runs off crying, saying, “You’re the only person at this school who never called me that.” Puck magically appears with a guitar and Artie sort through his feelings by singing “Never Going Back Again.”

After Santana serenades Brittany with “Songbird,” Brittany asks her to to appear on Fondue For Two so she can ask her to the prom. Santana bails and Brittany is left to interview her cat, with whom she also has a strained relationship. She tells him, “Just because we’re doing this interview doesn’t mean I’m not still mad at you … because I know you started smoking again.”

After reading a blind item in the school newspaper about a former cheerleader hooking up with a big-lipped blonde, Finn assumes Quinn is cheating on him again. He and Rachel stakeout a local motel and spot Kurt and Sam together. This leads to gossiping about whether or not Sam’s gay, more bickering between Finn, Quinn, and Rachel, and performances of “I Don’t Want To Know” by Finn/Quinn and “Go Your Own Way” by Rachel. Eventually Sam reveals his family is living in the motel because his dad lost his job and now they’re HOMELESS. Kurt was dropping off clothes and Quinn was babysitting Sam’s siblings. Nice going, guys.

Once Sam’s secret is out, the kids promise to help him, and start by performing “Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.” What a great gift! Reflecting on Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign always cheers me up too.

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