Glee Lurches Through "Thriller" In Super Bowl Episode


Glee got the coveted post-Super Bowl spot this year, and the writers came up with the perfect formula for winning over more viewers: More excruciatingly boring McKinley High football, another nonsensical plot, and weird music numbers!

Disclaimer: I may be judging this episode harshly because watching it with someone who’s never seen the show was excruciating. He tried his best to be polite, but I could see in his eyes that he was thinking, “Why are we watching this foolishness?” And he didn’t even know that this is the 27th episode to revolve around the kids choosing between Glee Club and cheerleading/football!

Usually a few entertaining musical numbers can salvage an episode with a weak plot, but this week’s song choices were bizarre. Did Schue really think Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” would make the football players stop bullying the New Directions? Darren Criss was delightful as usual during his short time on screen, but the Warblers’ performance of “Bills, Bills, Bills” was totally random (unless there was some deleted scene about Kurt borrowing money to buy more scarves).

Bad editing made it hard to tell what was going on in the much-anticipated “Thriller/Heads Will Roll” mash-up. But, the important thing is that the football players were finally able to overcome their fear of being mocked for singing with the New Directions … probably because they already performed “Single Ladies” during a game last year.

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