Glow-in-the-Dark Lingerie? Yup, Glow-in-the-Dark Lingerie!


Great news if you’re looking to scifi your sex life: You can now purchase glow-in-the-dark lingerie. Yes, ladies, we have the technology. All of science and innovation have come to this! Perfect for a nighttime rave or your erotic Tron cosplay.

Admittedly, the support looks vastly superior to pasties made from scotch tape and those fluorescent stars kids put on the bedroom ceilings. Not that I’d ever attempt such a thing. Perish the thought.

The “Glow” collection is the work of Cosabella, and if the idea appeals, expect to pay dearly. A low-rise thong will set you back $45 (lol?!), while an underwire bra is priced to move at $95. Available colors include white, neon orange and “Barbados.” The catch is, like everything else glow-in-the-dark from your childhood, they’ve got to absorb rays first—three minutes of sunlight or 10 to 12 minutes of fluorescent light. Unless you plan ahead, you’ll be reduced to thrusting your boobs at the lamp on your bedside table.

Alternatively, you could leave up your Christmas lights year-round, a vastly more cost-effective alternative.

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