Governor Making $147,000 a Year Thinks Teachers Walking Out Over Low Wages Are Bratty Teens


As Oklahoma public school teachers enter their third day of walkouts, Republican Governor Mary Fallin wanted to let the teachers know that they’re a bunch of greedy fucking 16-year-olds.

Teachers are demanding a pay raise and an increase to school funding; Fallin signed a measure last week that increases teacher’s salaries by $6,000, but only provided $50 million for the school budget, nowhere near the $250 million demanded and badly needed by teachers and students. (Some schools are using text books that list George W. Bush as the current president of the United States.) Assessing these facts, and an education crisis that is in part her creation, Fallin said in a recent interview with CBS correspondent Omar Villafranca, “Teachers want more, but it’s kinda like having a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

She later says that the teachers should reconsider the walkouts and prioritize their students.

In an attempt to delegitimize the protesting teachers, Fallin allegedly claimed that outside leftist groups, including antifa, were joining the demonstrations.

Oklahoma state ranks among the very lowest in the country when it comes to paying teachers; Fallin makes $147,000 a year and gets a free house. Maybe they should take up residence on her lawn?

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