Haberdashery's Finest Compete For Kentucky Derby Crown


Tamara Soreeoo of Austin, Texas, wears her game face under her thoroughbred hat, called “Lavender Flapjack,” is favored to win this year’s contest.

New Jersey Nets coach Avery Johnson and wife Vanessa with their entry into The Great American Hat Contest. The Hat, named “Grimace Vomits Fragrantly,” is affectionately called “Grimmie” by its handlers.

Singer Mary Wilson, formerly of The Supremes, promenades with her spirited white hat. “Blizzard of Sun Protection” is thought by many hat experts to be a long shot to win this year’s race, but there are always surprises here in Kentucky.

Lindsay Vonn poses here with “The Straw Musketeer’s Tropical Vacation,” a young hat with little racing experience from a long line of successful chapeaus, including sire “Pirates of the Kentucky Derby” and dam “Frazzled By The Dock of the Bay.”

Warren Moon and his wife, Mandy, shown here with their pride and joy, “Eagle Nest of Vanquished Bunnies.” Its aggressive racing style has some experts fearing disqualification. Let’s see if the erratic hat can channel that energy into a victory.

Jennifer Nelson of Louisville, Kentucky and her strong entry, “Deal With It” is expected to be among the frontrunners.

Erin Andrews faced heartbreak last year when her beloved hat, “War Bonnet Extravaganza” was disqualified on account of the fact that the Kentucky Derby expressly bans cultural appropriation. This year, her hopes rest with “Hepburnesque,” a bold black and white number festooned with feathers and excellence.

Do Paula Patton and “Blueberry Weather Balloon” have what it takes to out-ridiculous the other hats?

Marissa Miller’s “Does My Push-Up Bra Go With The Whole Flapper Theme Or What?” entry isn’t expected to make any waves this year, but by all accounts, she has a promising ridiculous hat-wearing career ahead of her. Look for her to be back next year with something bigger and more dangerous.

“Brimming With Allergens” was last year’s winner and spent this Derby watching from the sidelines.

Maria Menounos hopes her hat, “Firesong of J. Alfred Tafeta,” will be able to overcome the odds and win despite everyone’s low expectations.

All images via AP

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