Halsey’s Relationship With the Press Going Straight to the Graveyard After Being Misgendered

Halsey doesn't wanna Uma Thurman that ass, so they're backing away from interviews for the foreseeable future

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Halsey’s Relationship With the Press Going Straight to the Graveyard After Being Misgendered
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Singer and new parent Halsey found some time during her child’s nap time on Wednesday to let Allure know exactly how they felt about a recent cover story and interview featuring the artist. According to E!, the since-deleted tweets railed against the outlet for only using “she” to refer to Halsey throughout the piece despite being told by the star that they identify as she/they; as she said on social media in March, they prefer to be addressed with both pronouns. “First your writer made a focal point in my cover story my pronouns and you guys deliberately disrespected them by not using them in the article,” Halsey reportedly wrote.

The Allure piece was a lengthy feature on Halsey’s experience with pregnancy and their journey to stardom in the lead-up to the release of Halsey’s next album, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power. The story was published on July 13 and by the following day, Allure had acknowledged their mistake and stated the piece would be re-edited to include both of Halsey’s pronouns. The changes are now present in the piece, however, there appears to be no note highlighting that a correction had been made from the original version.

But it seems none of that matters now, as Halsey claimed she wouldn’t be doing any more press, tweeting, “#NoMorePress goodbye.”

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