Happy Birthday, Ann Nixon Cooper!


Today, Ann Nixon Cooper, whom we mentioned before Barack Obama spoke of her in his victory speech, turned 107 years old.

Cooper, who voted early, and remembers a time not long ago when she was barred from voting because of her race, famously said: “I ain’t got time to die, because I’ve got to see a black president.” According to the New York Times, she will not be going to the inauguration, however:

“I’m not interested in getting into anything that big,” she said Thursday in a telephone interview from her home in Atlanta. “I won’t be trying to get into that crowd.”
Instead, she plans to watch the ceremonies on her television, which most days is tuned to her favorite show, “The Price Is Right.”

Ms. Cooper, who who has had several heart attacks and a broken hip but can get around her house okay, plans to have roast turkey today for her birthday, which she will celebrate with about 20 relatives and friends.

For One Special Voter, Two Special Days [NY Times]

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