Harry and Lloyd Are Bright As Ever in the Dumb and Dumber To Trailer



Here’s the first trailer for Dumb and Dumber To, the Dumb and Dumber sequel we’ve been waiting the last 20 years for. From the looks of it, it’s going to be a typical Farrelly Brothers joint — Lloyd gets a catheter ripped out, Harry has a pet cat named Butthole and KATHLEEN FUCKING TURNER is in it. Yessssss.

Mainstream humor has changed a lot since 1994, so it’ll be interesting to see how Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne’s brand of slapstick fits into the modern world. For a lot of us, two dudes mock humping each other or an old lady tricking someone into putting their hand in her vagina (punchline: the vagina is full of dust) doesn’t elicit the same kind of laughs that it used to.

Skepticism aside, the first Dumb and Dumber is one of the best comedies of all time, so the sequel deserves a chance. Break out your orange and powder blue tuxedos, everybody. We’re going to the movies.

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