Head of the Tent Facility Detaining Migrant Kids Calls Family Separation Policy 'an Incredibly Dumb, Stupid Decision'


The guy in charge at the Tornilo, Texas tent facility holding 326 immigrant children hates his job, and so does pretty much everyone else working at the facility.

Buzzfeed News reports that the the unidentified man called the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy that separated parents and children attempting to enter the United States “an incredibly dumb, stupid decision.”

“I’m totally against the separation. Should never have happened,” the incident commander told a group of reporters, including BuzzFeed News. On Monday morning, media were let into the Tornillo detention facility — under heavy restrictions — for the first visit since it opened June 14.
“It was an incredibly dumb, stupid decision by our leadership,” said the Tornillo incident commander. “It was flawed. All it did was harm children, no question about it.”

The incident commander is an employee of Texas-based non-profit BCFS, which provides emergency shelter and services for “at-risk populations.” BCFS has a government contract and—despite the commander’s feelings—swiftly constructed the tent compound currently holding hundreds of 13 to 17-year-olds, mostly boys.

But despite feeling totally bummed out about carrying out an extraordinarily vile policy and calling it a day’s work, the commander insists that the facilities are actually good:

The incident commander said he’d been advocating for the media to be allowed into the center to see how well it was running. He compared it to a youth summer camp, noting the children are fed well, sleep in bunks in tents, and play soccer. He also noted that the medical services — both mental and physical — plus the safety and security of Tornillo, were far superior to a normal camp.

I don’t know about this guy, but when I attended summer camp, I knew I was going to see my parents again when I got home.

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