Here Are Some of the Dudes Competing in Cycle 20 of ANTM


First of all, can we just pause and think about the fact that there are 20 cycles of ANTM now? This show is getting to Law and Order levels of enormity, qualifying it for the echelon of shows that are made for viewing during a week-long flu. But I digress. Cycle 20 of ANTM will feature male models competing alongside women for one top model spot.

But can you compare rock-hard pecks to boobies? Will dudes be able to manage Tyra’s insane challenges? Can they pose in meat underwear with the same finesse ladies can? How will the dynamic of the house change with dudes around? Will male contestants flip out about protein powder the way Bre flipped out about her granola bar in Cycle 5?

The thing is, Make Me a Supermodel already had a male/female modeling competition, with Tyson Beckford as a host no less (swoon). As I seem to recall, the vapidity of every single one of the contestants made the whole “Guys and girls compete together whaaat?” thing a moot point. I have higher hopes for Cycle 20, though, because if there’s one thing certain in this world, it’s that Tyra will always bring the crazy. Also, the leather daddy/goth outfits they’ve put the guys don’t hurt.


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