Here Are the Most Popular Puppy Names of 2014 (And Their Fates)


Here we, yet again, with another look back at the trends of 2014. Today’s edition: puppy names. Apparently everybody’s naming their dogs Bella or Max, Daisy or Charlie.

That’s according to the Daily Mail, picking up the results from a survey by VetStreet. But what will the future bring for these pups? As we did yesterday for the children of 2014, let’s see what fate holds for the most famous dog with each of these names. What’ll they be doing in 2044, the year we peeked in on Jackson, Sophia and their contemporaries born to humans in the last year? (Unfortunately, our prognostication machine got stuck and cannot be adjusted.) Well, I’m sorry to say:

Max: Dead

Charlie: Dead

Rocky: Dead

Buddy: Dead

Cooper: Dead

Duke: Dead

Bear: Dead

Zeus: Cryogenically frozen

Bentley: Dead

Toby: Dead

And the ladies…

Bella: Dead

Daisy: Dead

Lucy: Dead

Sadie: Stuffed, prominently displayed in a very rich person’s home

Molly: Dead

Lola: Dead

Sophie: Dead

Zoey: Dead

Luna: Dead

Chloe: Dead


Image via Mikkel Bigandt/Shutterstock.

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