Here Comes MacGruber!


A friend of mine once described Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema as the worst-smelling theatre in NYC. The words “like mouldering ass” may have figured. Anyway, the SNL-heavy crowd who came out for MacGruber‘s premiere didn’t care…even if their suits did.

Are Kristen Wiig‘s pants a semi-ironic tribute to the original MacGyver era? Let’s go with yes.

I actually wish Will Forte had done, like MacGruber-style formalwear: I’m seeing a silk shirt and maybe a vest? A bolo tie, perhaps? But yes, the man does wear a suit well.

I like how Ryan Phillipe cannot turn off the “smouldering” switch, even at the MacGruber premiere and in a check shirt.

Speaking of perma-expressions: Andy Samberg does his “formalwear smirk.”

I stared at Jennifer Missoni‘s getup for an oddly long time, trying to assimilate its message. There may not be one. On the other hand, maybe she’ll eat us up. Or the movie will.

Director Jorma Taccone’s face either says, “fuck it!” or “yeah, the theatre smells terrible!” His suit says, “Mad Men was really big last year.”

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