Here's a Trailer for the Movie Featured in Margaret Cho and Tilda Swinton's Feud


Late last year, as winter and the imminence of Donald Trump being sworn into office set in, Margaret Cho and Tilda Swinton found themselves in something of a feud. Maybe you remember reading about it here. (And, especially, here.) On Bobby Lee’s TigerBelly podcast, Cho recounted an exchange she had with Swinton about the Dr. Strange whitewashing controversy, saying Swinton made her feel like a “house Asian” for summoning her for such matters. “Basically, it ended with her saying, ‘Well, I’m producing a movie with Steven Yeun starring,’” said Cho.

Swinton then provided the referenced email exchange to several outlets, including Jezebel, in which it was revealed that in her penultimate email to Swinton, Cho suggested “getting into producing content that would give Asian American voices a platform.”

Swinton responded: “By the way, the project I have been developing as a producer over the past two years is with Bong Joon Ho—my colleague from SNOWPIERCER—a film called OKJA shooting this summer in Korea, NYC and Vancouver—to my knowledge the first ever half Korean/half English speaking film, which we are making with Plan B and Netflix, in which the lead is a 14 year old girl from Korea and which stars Steven Yeun, amongst others.. fingers crossed it will be a big deal and help the landscape somewhat.. I hope and believe it will..” [sic’d]

And then Cho said: “Hey that’s great about OKJA!”

Well, now the trailer’s here and it turns out that Okja is about a giant, delicious, genetically modified pig on the loose! All that for this! What a movie! What a world! That’s great about Okja!

Okja will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, which is currently underway, and land on Netflix on June 28.

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