Here's Jon Stewart Saying "Vagina" Over and Over and Over


Japanese artist Rokudenashiko was recently arrested for violating the nation’s super-strict obscenity laws, when she simply emailed several people 3D-printer data of her own vagina. (They were contributors to her crowdfunding campaign to build a vagina boat.) This provided Jon Stewart with an excellent opportunity to say “vagina” over and over and over:

The Daily Show

Now, Stewart isn’t being entirely fair. These sorts of fertility festivals far predate the country’s obscenity laws, which really got going after Western contact, as one of our pals at Kotaku explains here. Also, Japan totally has a vagina festival, as described by the Global Post:

In the morning, children carry a small vagina to the Ogata shrine. Later, some 40 grown men strain under the weight of a massive vagina while carrying it to the shrine in the main parade. They’re followed by two smaller vagina litters.

Maybe the Japanese authorities should pay a visit and contemplate whether they really want to prosecute an artist for simply spreading the gospel of vaginal chillness.

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