Here's Tan Mom's First Single (Sorry)


What do you do when you’re a woman who shoots to fame overnight thanks to appearing on TV looking burned to crisp after facing (now retracted) allegations that you forced your pale daughter into a tanning bed? This is America, baby! You release a single! (Listen at your own risk.)

The lyrics:

It’s Tan Mom, bitch
(Are you ready?)
It’s Patricia, bitch
(Here I come)
I’ve got a message
to use protection
from the sun
ha ha ha ha.
I wanna get my tan on
(You all are losers)
I’m sexier than the Teen Mom
(I am cool, I’m the cool one)
I’m hotter than the Octomom
(The world can’t judge me now)
So I want you to back away
(Get away from me every day)

Tanning Mom Releases a Pop Song … WHY WHY WHY? – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

Song of the summer?

Listen to Tan Mom’s New Dance Single [Buzzfeed]

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