Hilarious Campaign Rages Against 'Mancrimination'


It’s always a little frustrating when you have a great, great idea for a funny joke and someone beats you to the punch. That’s how we felt waking up this morning to see that someone else had already stolen our idea for a campaign against “mancriminating.” Dammit. That thunking noise you hear is the entire Jezebel staff, kicking ourselves repeatedly and with vigor.

Our awareness of this amazing new adventure in portmanteau trolling came via feminist journalist Jessica Valenti on Twitter:

Is that an enraged hobbit who was denied free entry into a bar because of his dick? My god, this shit is advanced.

“Mancriminating,” by looking at the website Maggcom, appears to be an Indian-based campaign against special treatment for women, like reduced fees to get into night clubs, dudes holding the door open, and those very tight, super exclusive, women-only buses, which were created to deal with a devastating rise in public gang rapes and sexual assaults but also are suuuuuuper unfair. Bitches get all the cool shit!

The Maggcom website, which I’m sure you can find without my linking to it, features a number of other, equally thoughtful posters:

There’s also a whole video in Hindi and English of people talking about how unfair it is that women can sometimes get into bars for free:

This is.. this is incredible. Positioning this as an actual civil rights issue with a completely straight face, without any evident self-awareness whatsoever, it’s just… hats off. All the hats off. Everyone remove your hat, throw it in the incinerator, and bow down, this is the fucking best.

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