Historical Blind Item: Guess This House and Its Beautiful Sewers Fit for a King 

In Depth

Here is a historical blind item.

Found: The remains of the home where this famously prolific groom began the journey to the altar with one of his brides. Unfortunately, he was still married to another wife at the time.

It gets better! The house was built quickly, specifically with an eye to this man’s visit with his then-wife. The find includes “brick-built sewers and some of the foundations of two towers and several large rooms of the palatial home,” plus ornate tiles. And those sewers were the latest in modern technology—the new walk-through style—and therefore extremely prestigious, meant to impress. When somebody so important is coming for a visit, you literally brown-nose to make sure he leaves well disposed to your advancement.

You may recognize the name as that of a ubiquitous, well-received book that you are by God going to get around to reading one of these decades. Guess the house!


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